Whole Bilateral Bumper For Baby Bed


With the side of your baby will always sleep sweetly. The kit is universal, suitable for rectangular, oval and round beads. Bursts with interesting, good pictures, which will pass into rest even the most rolling child. Material for the manufacture of such a soft, gentle kit is made of 100% cotton with holofiber filler.



Double-sided sides for a cot. The side is presented in the form of double-sided pillows on the strings, which allows the battlefield to the entire perimeter of the bed of 360 cm. Each pillow comes complete with a removable pillowcase on the zipper. At any time, the side can be turned with the other side, and the crumb will look at the new picture. Standard sizes are suitable for almost any baby bed, even oval. Bed linen is easy to maintain, withstands the maximum amount of washes, does not fill and does not lose the appearance. Also easily erased, quickly dries and smoothes well.


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