Soft Reusable Breast Pads


Disposable bra liners are made from high-quality materials that have passed dermatological tests. Made using absorbent filler. Universal liners are perfectly protected from the occurrence of both the day and at night. The textural cellular surface contributes to instant absorption and uniform distribution of fluid, providing protection against the flow.

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Breast lactation pads are an indispensable personal hygiene subject for a young mother. The gaskets are conveniently attached to the bra with a double adhesive layer, the 3D shape provides dense adjacent to the chest, and the soft texture of the gasket does not irritate the skin. Perfectly absorbs liquid and leaves the surface of the chest dry. The outer surface prevents moisture in the clothes and makes it possible to breathe the skin. The inner absorbent layer is fibrous pulp wool. Liquid instantly absorbed, the skin surface remains dry. The surface of the inside of the gasket is made of natural cotton fibres. The breathable surface and softness of the fabric prevent damage to the nipples and skin irritation. The protective layer on the outside of the gasket provides protection against the flow and at the same time gives the skin to breathe.


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