Silicone Protective Feeding Cap


Silicone breast pads protect sensitive nipples from irritation during breastfeeding. The delicate and soft silicone perfectly mimics the skin, so the baby has a direct touch feeling.



Made of transparent food-grade soft silicone material, which is safe and non-toxic, harmless to people. Humanize the creativity of the convex point so that the convex point scattered across the breast appears to be the areola of the mother’s breast. The shape of the petal makes it lighter and easier for the mother to hold it in place and also ensures maximum skin contact between the mother and baby. Very soft, lightweight and durable. Milk hole, pacifier with adjustable flow, suitable for children of any age. The teat with spiral mechanics makes it difficult to drown the teat while feeding the baby. The space between the nipples and the nipple guard prevents the baby from biting the nipple.


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