Silicone Manual Breast Pump


Material Made from 100% skin-safe silicone, the silicone hand-held breast pump will protect your sensitive skin so that the milk remains natural and safe for baby consumption. Easy and convenient to travel easily to collect and store breast milk during feeding, easy to carry when travelling, great to save milk when breastfeeding. The silicone manual breast pump has such an efficient yet simple design, so cleaning is an easy task. All you need is a bottle brush, mild soap, and warm water.

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Full silicone one-piece, no warranty of any accessories, no problem with damaged parts, easy to clean, does not hide milk dirt, easy to propagate by bacteria. The general material uses medical grade silicone, free of bisphenol A, high temperature, anti-ageing, easy to break, can be sterilized by boiling, safe and reliable. Unique silica unique elasticity, guaranteed negative pressure suction shape, can effectively maintain the breast curve without deforming. Vacuum adsorption, forming one, simply completes the suction operation without re-pressing.


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