Silicone Corector For Flat Retracted Nipples


A nipple shaper gently prepares your nipples for breastfeeding. At easy pressing, the nipple goes out, and the baby can easily capture the chest. The soft and flexible silicone membrane as well adjacent to the chest, and your breastfeeding problems remained in the past.



Soft design on the skin contact surface with a proofreader, soft silicone can protect your nipples from injuries during a long-wearing. You can control suction according to personal comfort. Slightly push on top of a small suction, press down half the average absorption, all press down the maximum absorption. Imported food silicone, soft and comfortable high-quality material. Excellent airtightness, super suction silicone material has 120 degrees of heat resistance, the same methods of disinfection with a nipple. Blanching for several minutes, convenient and transparent to recycled.


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