Professional Multifunctional Children’s Walkers Tranfimers


Modernized musical plate with unsurpassed functions of entertainment toy musical illumination. Galvanized steel pipe is durable and resistant to rust. The design of the brake can effectively improve the safety of the child during the meeting between the steps and the lifting and descent along the slope during the game.



Professional design adjustable transmission in the car sisters designed for different growth of different age categories of the baby are very convenient to use. You can turn into a rocking chair, you can also push manually, with a removable canopy, not afraid of the sun, the design of the brake, can effectively improve the safety of the steps of the child and takeoffs and falls during the game. The material is made of polypropylene, non-toxic and does not contain formaldehyde, sponge sandwich grid, more efficient to protect your child’s delicate skin. With any growth adjusting for babies of different growth, it is possible to walk in a vertical position, which can effectively prevent unbalanced pressure and bones and the development of O-shaped legs. Easy to fold and transport, other tools are not required. Small dimensions, convenient home storage.


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