Multifunctional Children’s Playpen Transformer


The game mattress enchants kids with combinations of forms and colours, which they perceive from the first months of life, but it is especially useful because it stimulates their feelings, supports their first interactions and improves their coordination skills. The material from which the mattress is made is non-toxic and does not cause allergies, it is also easy to tighten and cannot be transported without any problems when you leave the house. Developed skills in sensory stimulation, concentration, association, cognitive skills, motor skills.



In the first months of life, the baby discovers the world around him, but also makes the first extremely important steps towards further development. Includes 30 coloured balls that are stored in the lion’s head. The game mattress is useful at all stages of the child’s development. A comfortable mattress for classes with the various texture of materials develops feelings and motor functions have an arc with different toys for visual, sensory and motor stimulation between 0 to 6 months. Active centre with an arch for babies and children, a children’s mattress turns into a playground where a child can safely play while he begins to sit, he will fall after toys, you can offer him and coloured balls for maximum pleasure. The pool with balls, for the period when the child will move safer, after 1 year the mattress can be used as a pool with balls. You can attach it to the outer walls so that the kid playing with balls included in the set. On the sides of the fence, there are two holes through which the baby can skip balls on one side to another.


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