Electric Double Breast Pumps

The electric milk pump has two valves. Mommy can freely switch between one or both sides of the valve to suck milk, eliminating it from discomfort caused by unstable suction of the previous model in which the flow divider is used. The breasts are designed with reverse flow protection, provide a hygienic closed system, which prevents breast milk in the breast pump, which prevents infection and retaining the fresh milk. Made from silicone media material, all parts do not contain bisphenol-a. CE, SGS, RoHS are certified, more reliable and safer.

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Two-phase, double electric milk pumps. The breast pump is a subject of personal hygiene, easy to use, easy going, easy to control, quickly washes. Resistant to high temperatures, you can wash in the dishwasher. Best food for infants This is maternal breast milk. Therefore, the double breast pump has an anatomical design, which allows for breast milk from two mammary glands at the same time. The device repeats natural movements, as when feeding a child, helps to normalize lactation and establish a long-lasting breastfeeding process. Give the joy of yourself or your loved ones because of this little assistant, so much time has appeared. Suitable as a gift for a friend to the birth of a child, for extracting from the maternity hospital, for those who only became a mother.


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