Dual Electric Painfree Breast Feeding Pumps


The electric breast pump is an important assistant for women in the formation and normalization of lactation. The shape and angle of the funnel of this breast pump ensures a tight fit to the breast, which creates a vacuum faster and makes pumping more efficient. The soft silicone nozzle on the funnel makes pumping gentle and delicate. The principle of operation of the electric breast pump is based on the natural 2-phase rhythm of sucking the baby.



The main functions are synchronous breast pumping, milk pumping, soothing milk, breast massage, milk direction and confident feeding. Material safe material, odourless, PP liquid silicone material, no bisphenol A, non-toxic, odourless. Imitation breast pump, dual-mode, 9 step adjustment, the decomposition of the suction is more delicate, to meet the needs of different mothers. Anti-reverse design the milk in the bottle will not drain back into the main machine to avoid secondary contamination, suction door, silicone cylinder. Can be used for the adapter, USB data cable, available for charging, portable, conventional version.


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