Digital Baby Video Monitor


The camera can rotate vertically and horizontally, the rotation control can be done remotely. If the room in which the child is located quite large, and you want to control it in several zones, you can connect to 4 children’s blocks at the same time and easily switch between them.

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Digital video card for comfortable supervision behind the child at a distance of up to 300 meters. The device is equipped with a top-resolution colour display with a diagonal of 6 cm and all the necessary features. To observe the child at night, a night vision system is provided, allowing to observe the baby even in complete darkness thanks to infrared sensors. Using the activation system, when the audio is detected, the battery power consumption in the video signal monitor is provided. Light indicators will bestow parents that the baby needs attention, even when the sound of the parent block is turned off. If you can not approach the woken baby right now, you can use the two-way function, and calm his voice. Conversely: In order not to “walk” the baby in case of a problem falling on it to turn it on the lullaby, which will sound from the block with a video camera, and it will be turned on and off from the parent unit. For those who like to venture or those who send a child to sleep in a stroller on the balcony, we provided the ability to control the ambient temperature. Moreover, you can configure the notification to the parent unit if the temperature goes beyond the most given parents in advance.


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