Children’s Nasal Aspirator


Be careful when removing the blue reverse flow indicator for cleaning. This is not enough, consists of two parts, it can be lost or washed into the sewer. Also pay attention to how the fluid values ​​are separated and converged, so that they can be used correctly and again. It helps reduce nasal congestion, sucking the mucus into the device using one-sided absorption.

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The safest and simple baby nasal aspirator to remove mucus. Just continue to compress and let go until it flows all the mucus. No need to be cleaned after each spin. A stronger tangle sucks more mucus. Easy disassembly of 3 separate parts for cleaning: tip, connector and flask. Soft and safe silicone. Do not suck your mouth, without batteries, without electricity, without filters. There is nothing more to buy. Reduce the risk of infection of the ears, nasal sinuses or eardrums of your child.


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