Children’s Cotton Decorative Rug


Interior mat, baby rug, decorative leaf pillow. The mat perfectly complements the interior of the nursery on the leaf can be played, sit, put the baby, arrange a photo session.



The leaf carpet is well suited as a gaming rig for a child. The baby will be very pleased to arrange and play with toys on such a soft bedspread. It can also be used as a blanket for a child, or a cape on a chair or sofa. This item is a gaming rug that is convenient for teaching the child to crawl and games on the floor. Made of soft cotton fabric, thickened design protects children from a solid floor surface. Excellent addition to any children’s, bedroom, game, or classroom. Cute sheet form, can train visual abilities and touching your child. It can also be used as a rug for a pile, on this comfortable rug, your baby will sleep well.


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