Baby Monitor Portable Kits


Wireless audio monitoring system for the child modern data transmission technology no interference. Sound level adjustment built-in battery charger for recharging batteries.



The baby monitor has a 250-meter radius of action, when using the device in an open space, without major interference, and indoors it works stably with a range of 50 meters. It is equipped with digital DECT technology, which significantly improves the quality of communication, sound clarity and reduces interference. The VOX function-voice detection gives you confidence that it is the baby’s crying that is heard in the device. The children’s unit is connected to the power supply and installed on a table or other furniture. The power supply of the parent unit is from batteries and involves two mounting options, both stationary and on the belt. For a more confident reception of sound from the children’s unit, it is important to choose a place as free from interference as possible, and sometimes turn off the electrical appliances working nearby.


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