Growing up Children

Growing up Children

February 12, 2022 Off By Alice Walton

How to Get 5-12 Year Olds to Behave and Do As They’re Told”.

Good, solid, practical advice that is easy to understand and activities that anyone can implement successfully. I found Growing up Children to be a thoughtful and practical guide for raising kids in today’s busy world.

Dr. Cross clearly explains two key concepts that are often misunderstood by parents: the importance of unconditional love and the need for rules and structure.

His revealing insights into how the parent-child relationship can get off track, and the helpful examples for how these concepts can be applied, will enable parents to create the environment that children need to grow into well-adjusted adults.

Parents who are willing to take the time to learn how to apply the concepts found in Growing up Children, will undoubtedly become better at parenting, and ultimately improve their relationship with their children.

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