Useful Apps for Tracing your Family History

Useful Apps for Tracing your Family History

July 18, 2018 Off By

It’s fun to trace your family history with these useful apps. Most of them can be had on both Android and iPhone. They can help make your search even more fun but also more productive because you can continue your work even while you’re sitting in the doctor’s waiting room.

1. Billion Graves Camera App Using this app to take pictures of cemeteries helps document the lives and deaths of the people in those graves. All you do is take a picture with your smartphone and then transcribe the information from each headstone.

2. Evernote This is not just for genealogy, but it’s also for keeping track of things. This software works on your phone, mobile, and PC. You can use it to organize and store newspaper clippings and more.

3. Ged Star Pro This Android app allows you to view genealogy data via your smartphone or tablet. It’s a free app that has different views depending on whether you’re using a smartphone or a tablet. It also has a Windows application that is used to convert data to the right type for your tablet or PC.

4. Geni This is an app to help you build a family tree. You can work alone or with others by collaborating with the rest of your family on the family tree. Your tree will also be built by others when you find relatives distant and far.

5. Genoom This genealogy website creation tool helps users go through the process of constructing a family tree. You can use this app to network with others and even invite family members to view the family tree you’ve created. You can also restrict access to the public.

6. Kins Map This works with your genealogy program to take the data you’ve found and created a family tree with it that looks like a chart. It makes for easy understanding and viewing of the connections you’ve found.

7. Roots Magic This has research ability, new alerts, and the ability to publish a family tree website that can be found by family members. You need to use Dropbox for storage for this app.

8. Thing Link You can create private videos, notes, add music, and more. You can share it all privately or you can network with others online. This is a great way to use images to help you collect the information you need for your genealogy research.

9. This Day in My Family History This is both an Android app and an iOS app. It’s kind of fun because all it does is tell you what happened on a given day in your family history that you’ve collected. It can be a nice reminder of what your family has accomplished through the generations.

Apps are useful for tracing your family history because you don’t always have access to a personal computer. It means you can have your information at your fingertips, especially alerts of new additions. Imagine if a new relative that you’ve been trying to find locates your work and you find out via your new app. So exciting!